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Research Lines

1. Pharmacological cholinergic stimulation: effects on the cardiovascular system


2. Autonomic and endothelial function and dysfunction: control mechanisms and clinical implications

Objectives: To describe the physiological mechanisms involved in the responses (acute effects) and adaptations (chronic effects) of the body to exercise and its changes in individuals with metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

Keywords: autonomic nervous system, exercise, training, heart disease, endothelium.  


3. Acute and chronic physiological effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system

Objectives: To investigate the responses and adaptations of the cardiovascular system of healthy subjects before and after an exercise session in the pre and post-exercise training.

Keywords: exercise, physical training, vascular reactivity, autonomic nervous system.  


4. Neural control of circulation during exercise  

Objectives: To study the mechanisms of neural control of the cardiovascular system during static and dynamic exercise, comprising afferent signals from muscle ergoreceptors and from central command. 

Keywords: neural control, exercise; ergoreceptors.


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